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Whittier High School

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Grading Guidelines


School Staff

A common purpose and a shared responsibility among parents, students, and teachers is the foundation supporting grading practices. The teacher's responsibility is to base grades upon fair and consistent standards and to communicate these practices to each student. Grades are to be determined by student performance on teacher-initiated assignments, tests, homework, projects, and class participation. Students will be informed of progress periodically. Three types of grades are earned:
  • Grades that reflect cumulative academic progress.
  • Citizenship grades and comments that describe personal behavior of the student in class and which are reported separately from academic and work habit grades.
If report cards are not received within two weeks of the end of the grading period, telephone the school to secure a copy of the report card.

Students and Parents
The success of a student grading plan is dependent upon the cooperation, interest, and assumption of responsibilities by teachers, parents, and students. The Whittier High School District and staff believe that students and parents should:
  • Understand that student academic success is tied to attendance. If the student is to have the greatest opportunity to learn, consistent attendance is essential.
  • Understand the course expectations and grading practices, asking questions if needed.
  • Stay informed of progress. Parents can gain information by discussing progress with students regularly and by asking teachers.
  • Understand how things are going at school. Know why a student's grade isor is not up to family standards. It is the parent's responsibility to communicate with the teacher if additional information or help is needed at home to improve a student's grades.
If a parent or student disagrees with a grade received, a review may be initiated by contacting the teacher. If the matter is not resolved, the parents or student may then contact the counselor or principal/designee for further assistance.