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Senior Baccalaureate


SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2020 @ 10AM

Seniors arrive at 9:30am in the Horseshoe. Seniors in cap & gown will march into the Auditorium.  Reception (cake & punch) immediately following ceremony in the WHS Quad.  Invite all your friends & family as no tickets are required.  This is a GREAT photo opportunity for your Senior & their friends!!


What is "Baccalaureate"??  Prior to virtually every high school graduation, a baccalaureate ceremony is hosted by the high school.  This ceremony is a time for faculty, students, parents and all else who attend, to remember the school year and look forward to the future.  Some ceremonies feature a video or other artistic way to look back on the year the students have had.  It is said that the baccalaureate ceremony tradition started back in 1432 at Oxford University, where the school required every bachelor to read a sermon in Latin as part of their academic exercise.  Then over time, it progressed into a partly religious event.  Since there are so many denominations and religions in the present day in the United States, religious events are not authorized in the public school system.  Due to that fact, that is why the ceremony is now a time of reflection for all students.  Typically, the baccalaureate ceremony is hosted at the very end of the school year and is within a month of graduation.  Alongside with remembering the school year, some students and faculty also may receive awards at the ceremony to show appreciation for their efforts.  The baccalaureate ceremony is free for all people in the community to attend and is occasionally hosted in a church setting.  A baccalaureate ceremony is the last opportunity that students may have to reminisce on the year they have had and look forward to their future along with their fellow students.