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College Planning Resources

Explore the different links below for more information on a variety of college resources.
College Links
This link lists different websites, all of which offer a variety of college information.
Preparing For College
This link contains the required classes at each grade level a student will need to take and pass in order to successfully graduate from High school and be A-G compliant. Meeting the A-G requirement means you have taken the required courses to attend a Cal State, UC, or private university.
California Colleges & Universities
This link offers more information about CSU, UC, and private universities. It includes information about the application and admission process to CSUs, UCs, private schools within California, and Community Colleges.

Financial Aid
This link contains information about the FAFSA, upcoming workshops on how to complete the FAFSA, deadlines, as well as other information about how to finance your college education.
This link contains information about student loans. Students can learn about the different loans and the risk involving each.  
This link contains a list of the scholarships available through the Horizon's Office. Each month the list is updated, so please check it frequently to see what scholarships you qualify for. This website offers a variety of resources including college research, SAT & ACT prep, and scholarship information.
This link is your connection to scholarships, colleges, financial aid and more.