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Whittier High School

Purchase an ad or Yearbook

Click BELOW for a print out of all the details on how to purchase a yearbook or buy an ad...
Who can buy an ad in the yearbook?

Yearbook ads are in the back of the book and available for purchase for anyone who is part of the Whittier High community. Parents often buy ads for their graduating senior, to honor the hard work that their son or daughter has done during their time in high school. Sometimes they even like to embarrass their senior with a baby picture or two! Friends often buy ads to put pictures of all of the fun times they have together while in high school. This is a great opportunity to say something special to your friends and have it in print forever. Clubs or sports often buy ads to commemorate the year. Each club and sport has a page in the yearbook, but it's not always enough to remember the special times you had together as a group.

How do I purchase an ad in the yearbook?

Good question!! This year you may purchase an ad in the B&A Office. If you have pictures already on your computer, you are in luck!  You can send them electronically to the NEW yearbook advisor .

Go to the B&A office, purchase the ad and contact the yearbook staff to set up an appointment to design your ad with us. For your appointment, you can either come to the yearbook room, or we can come to you.
How much do personal ads cost?
We work really hard to keep the cost of the ads affordable for parents, friends and family.  The cost covers the cost of publishing the pages, and buys you a lifetime worth of memories for your student.  We have not changed the prices in a few years, and do not plan on changing them soon.
Full page - $310
Half page- $185
How do I purchase a yearbook?
Yearbooks can be purchased with cash, money order or cashiers' check, credit or debit card in the B&A office.  Price is $80 with ASB, $90 without ASB.  Price goes up on Oct 15 to $90 with ASB & $100 without.  
Yearbooks at the end of the year will be $100 with ASB, $110 without ASB after Spring Break.  Price after distribution will be $110 for ALL purchases, whether or not you have an ASB card.
How much do the books cost?
The best price for the yearbook is before school starts, for those who purchase it as part of the Cardinal Class Collection.  The book is $75 as part of the collection.  If you purchase the book before school starts, without the collection, it is $80 with an ASB card, and $90 without.  Price goes up Oct. 15.

The books will go up in price during the year.  The earlier you purchase it, the better price you get!  
Any other questions? See a staff member or call (562) 698-8121 the B&A Office x2016 or Alexa Nisbet, NEW Yearbook Advisor x2131