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WHS's Virtual Career Center
WHS Career CenterWelcome to Whittier High School's first ever Virtual Career Center! This is the place where the students, parents and community of Whittier High School will be able to access information on and about careers, jobs, career and technical colleges, community service and a variety of other resources.

The physical location of the career center is located in the New Horizons Office. From the hours of 3 pm to 4:15 pm, the classroom is open to students who would like to research careers, technical or vocational colleges, investigate different programs, apply or search for jobs and receive assistance related to your future career or current job.

The Career Center Coordinator schedules regular career presentations and career development workshops. These career speakers come to WHS to share their knowledge of their field. Career Development workshops will begin in January to assist students with resume writing, interviewing skills, business dress and other topics necessary to be successful on the job. If you are interested in attending these presentations, be sure to check the "Career Center Presentations" page of this website for dates and times.

For work permit applications and questions visit the Work Permit Process page.
For information regarding laws and rights for teen workers, visit the Young Workers section of this website.