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Whittier High School

Community Service

Community service is a non-paid service to the community. Involvement in community service benefits you, the community and the organizations where students volunteeer! Community service is a great opportunity to enhance your educational, personal, and professional development. As a volunteer you will:
  • Gain experience working with others in a professional environment
  • Be able to include this in your college application
  • Apply what you learn in class to real life experiences
  • Feel good about giving back to your community
Elective credits may be earned for the hours you have volunteered (only if you are low on elective credits). You can earn 5 elective credits for one semester for volunteering for 75 hours, 10 elective credits for volunteering 150 hours.

You should only volunteer at an organization if you are ready for the responsibility. Read the following checklist so you may understand what you should expect in order to be successful:
  • Treat this opportunity like you would an important job.
  • Be committed to your work! Just because it is a volunteer job does not mean you do not have any obligations.
  • Be on time, perform your work to the best of your abilities, dress appropriately, always try to do a little more than is required.
  • The volunteer work you do will be the basis on which you build professional contacts and job skills. If you perform your work poorly and don't take the position seriously, it will negatively reflect on you and the high school. On the other hand, if you do well in your volunteer work, it may be a springboard to future opportunities, including part-time work or full-time career opportunities.
  • Don't be afraid to discuss your volunteer work assignment with your supervisor. If you wish to be involved in specific activities or projects at your agency, don't be afraid to ask. Many times volunteer supervisors will willingly get volunteers involved in new projects if they know you are interested!