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Whittier High School

English - Online Student Textbook 9th-11th

English Textbook Online
 Grades 9th-11th
Follow these steps to create a student password to access your
English textbook online
Step 1
Step 2

Click on your textbook
Step 3




Click on Online Book at the bottom left of the page
Step 4
Check box for "Don't display this message again", and then Continue
Step 5
Click on Create a Student Account
Step 6
Type in the correct Activation Code
from the Activation Codes box above and click Continue
Activation Codes
  • English 1- 9th Grade =     9661122-10
  • English 2- 10th Grade =   9661122-30
  • English 3- 11th Grade =   8988201-20
Step 7
Fill in the information asked for, making sure to remember your
(Write it down somewhere safe or use one you already have)
Note: Next time you will only need to enter
your Username and Password