Welcome to 2023-2024 School-Year!!

I am excited to begin a new school-year. Here are some valuable words of wisdom for my students and families.
Please set your alarm clocks so that you are on time to school daily! Students, you love those cell phones. Please be prepared to silence your phones when you enter a classroom and keep your phones zipped away in your backpack or in our desk cell phone storage bags. Phones are distractions and your learning is priority. Also, get some sleep! Staying up all night playing games or watching shows and movies is for summer. During school days, you need sleep. Coming to school sleepy and cranky is not best for your learning. High School is not only preparing you for college, but it is also preparing you for a job someday. Developing good habits to help you be the best version of yourself, will improve your success now and in your future.One last thing, eat! All students get free breakfast before school, lunch during school and supper after school. If you don't like the food, pack a lunch. Not eating until you get home is not healthy for your developing body. Focus and attention is very difficult when your tummy is growling and your head is dizzy or hurting from hunger. So, get sleep, eat, and control that phone addiction. This is the best advice I can give you to help you be successful. I look forward to a great year filled with learning, growth and success!
Mrs. Martinez