New Horizons is a program, which offers a variety of academic, college and career readiness and enrichment student services. The New Horizons staff supervises specially funded programs, such as Title I, English Language Learners (ELL), Language Assessment and New Horizons Parent and Student Activities.

Office: 562-698-8121 ext. 2060


New Horizons Director Lou Munoz Ext. 2060
Special Projects Clerk Cynthia Garcia Ext. 2060
College Advisor   Ext. 2061
Bilingual Specialist Yesenia Lira
Ext. 2062
Cal SOAP Rep    
Rio Hondo Rep
Tatiana Farfan
ROP Advisor Alyssa Cabral
Ext. 2264
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Seniors: EYAOWUE  Juniors: 6KMZHRT Sophomores: 74FQWVP  Freshmen: ENB3LXL
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Services We Offer
Computer Access
Printing Services
College Fair
College Visits
College Speakers
College Application Workshops
Financial Aid Workshops
Military Services
SAT I, SAT II, ACT Registration
PSAT On-site Administration
Scholarships and Grants
Financial Aid Advisement
Parent Involvement
Educational Planning
Instructional Support
College Exposure
College Admissions Exams
College Applications
Financial Aid Advisement
Special Activities
Support Components
Support Components