Horizons » Seal of Biliteracy / Sello de Alfabetización Bilingüe

Seal of Biliteracy / Sello de Alfabetización Bilingüe

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To be eligible for the Seal of Biliteracy you MUST have a 2.0+ cumulative GPA, and meet ONE of the following criteria:

A) Successful completion of four consecutive years in the same world language, and a minimum grade of “B” for the second semester of the 4th year.

B) A score of “3” or higher on a World Language Advanced Placement (AP) exam 
(AP exams taken during SR. year do not meet this criteria)

C) Take the WUHSD Biliteracy Competency Exam during FEBRUARY 2021 (date TBD) and receive a passing score of 80%.
D) Earn a 600+ on any SAT World Language Subject Test

**Students who score Proficient or Advanced on the SBAC will get State Seal on diploma upon graduation. The District Seal will be reflected on transcript upon graduation. *

For more information, please contact the New Horizons at 562-698-8121 Ext. 2060