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Welcome Chemistry students, parents, and guardians to my website! I have been teaching Chemistry for over 15 years and I'm very passionate about the subject. I have thought all levels of Chemistry including AP, Honors, Cp, and STEM. It is my goal this year to continue to maintain the academic rigor, excite students about learning Chemistry, and provide the academic support needed for my students to be successful in my classes regardless of what stage of instruction (online, hybrid, or in-class) we are in. 
When I'm not teaching Chemistry in the classroom, I'm actively involve in two science clubs at Whittier High School. I started the Whittier Chemistry Club (W.C.C.) at our school 10 years ago in hopes of generating a passion for Chemistry and educating others. Many former Chemistry Club members have gone to major in science and currently work in the industry. Our goal in the club is to educate others that Chemistry is a fascinating science and we do this by hosting a Chemistry science show at the end of the school year, celebrating Mole Day during lunch, and practicing science demos all year long.
In addition to Chemistry Club, I'm a mentor for the Voices of Women in STEM club in which our goal is to create a support group for females interested in pursuing a STEM career. One of the main events that we sponsor is a STEM career fair where professionals in the STEM field come out to share their experiences and educate students about their career. This year it is my hope, that both of these clubs can continue to inspire students, even during remote learning.
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