Science Cup

The Science Cup is an event that was started by a few of the Physics teachers of WUHSD and has expanded to include many of the science teachers throughout the district. This year, we enjoyed our third year of completing the event, which this year consisted of a 4 teams of 3-5 students from 5 of the schools of our district (Whittier, Pioneer, California, La Serna, and Santa Fe High Schools). This years events included:
  • Quiz Bowl - Students participated in a trivia game using a lockout buzzer system attempting to answer questions in various fields of science as well as mathematics. In this event, one of our student teams managed to place 2nd out of 10 teams!
  • Boat Race - Students were provided materials such as a motor kit, styrofoam blocks, and a hot glue gun to build a boat that would be required to travel a set distance in the shortest amount of time. In this event, one of our teams managed to place 1st out of 10 teams!
  • Water Filter - Students were provided materials to create a water filter to clean a sample of dirty water. In this event, we had our two teams tie against themselves for 3rd out of 10 teams.
  • Rube Goldberg - Students were provided various materials to create a chain reaction "machine" in which they had to hit a bell in the most intricate way possible. In this event, our team managed to place 1st out of 5 teams!
Overall, we placed first overall and won the Science Cup!