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Whittier High School

Eligibility Policy

(Administrative Policy 6145)

The minimum standards of academic achievement and citizenship in order for a student to be eligible for participation in athletics, activities, and performances are as follows: 
  1. A 2.0 or higher grade point average in all enrolled courses must be earned each quarter.
  2. Each semester a student must pass in at least 20 semester units of work.
  3. No more than one "F" in all classes.
  4. No more than one "U" in citizenship.
  5. The school administration has the prerogative to remove from a performance, activity, class/or to declare to be ineligible for participation in school activities, athletics and performances outside the classroom any student who flagrantly disregards his/her primary obligation of academic achievement, regular attendance  and/or satisfactory citizenship.


  1. Eligibility for participation in activities, athletics and performances during each quarter will be based on achievement and citizenship grades earned during prior grading period.  Students who are involved in activities, athletics and performances that begin one grading period and that carry over into the ensuing grading period are to be subject to this policy, as well as those students who begin their participation during a grading period.  Eligibility for the first grading period of the school year (the first quarter) is to be based on grades earned during the last grading periods (fourth quarter) of the prior school year.
  2. Students shall become eligible or ineligible on the fourth (4)school/business day following the posting deadline for teacher grades.
  3. Students who fall below the minimum standards as specified in Section A (Minimum Standards), will be placed on probation for one quarter to enable them to raise their grades.  During this time, they must correct their deficiencies.  Failure to do so will result in ineligibility for the next quarter.


  1. Summer school grades must be earned in courses equivalent to a semester in length.
  2. In order to maintain a 2.0 grade point average or to make up a failing grade, a student may attempt to improve a grade during summer school by taking the same class as that which was previously taken.  The summer school grade can replace the grade received the preceding grading period.
  3. In order to maintain a 2.0 grade point average, a student may take a different class that that which was previously taken.  The summer school grade is to be averaged with all the grades received the preceding grading period.  Students making up a failing grade may take a different ability level class within the same department for eligibility purposes.  (eg. from Algebra 1 to Basic Math.)
  4. In meeting the twenty (20) semester period requirement and in making up scholastic deficiencies, special care should be taken not to count an additional physical education subject toward this make-up work if the student received credit for a physical education class during the previous report period, or repeated a subject where passing grades already has been earned.
  5. An equivalent course in content and title may be repeated in an accredited institution outside Whittier Union High School District during summer school with the higher of the two grades counting for eligibility and in the grade point average (GPA).  (School administrator approval required.)
  6. Grades earned in summer school shall not impair a student's scholastic eligibility achieved in the preceding semester.  These grades do affect rank in class, honors and awards according to Board Policy 7223 - Summer School Offering, and Administrative Regulation 8050 - Rank in Class and Grade Point Average.
  7. Adult School programs other than Whittier Union High School District ones are disallowed.
  8. A satisfactory citizenship grade from a summer school course replaces any unsatisfactory citizenship grade and must be earned in an accredited institution.
  9. An achievement grade may not be used to improve a citizenship grade.


  1. All incoming ninth grade students who would otherwise be ineligible because of previous grades will be on probation for the first grading period.  At that time they will be considered on probation for the additional quarter only or will be determined eligible for participation.
  2. Transfer students outside the District, if eligible by CIF regulations, will be eligible to participate within this policy for their first quarter of enrollment.  Transfer students from within the District maintain their currently earned eligibility status.  Students involved in athletics must still meet CIF regulations.


Students participating in any of the following are affected by this policy:

  1. Athletic teams
  2. Drill teams
  3. Song leaders, yell leaders and pepsters
  4. Band and auxiliary units
  5. Choral groups, Concert Choir
  6. Drama (performances only), Advanced Theater
  7. Student government offices

Activity-ineligible students, who are enrolled in performance-activity or student government classes in which credit toward graduation may be earned, shall be allowed to remain enrolled in the class but are to be ineligible for participation in performances or activities.