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Whittier High School


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ASB President: Jocelyn Garcia

ASB Vice President:  Chloe Celaya

Senior Class President:   Fabian Mares

Junior Class President:   Carolina Tarango

Sophomore Class President:   Jayleen Venegas

Freshman Class Presdient:   Aliyah Rodriguez





ASB President

The president is the presiding officer at cabinet meetings, assemblies, and any other student body meeting.  The president is an ex-officio member of all ASB committees & will represent the Whittier students' viewpoint wherever necessary.  Duties include: blood drive, Jamboree, Sadie's, oversees all members. (elected position)


ASB Vice President

The vice president will assume the duties of the president when the president is not available.  The vice president will chair major committees on the cabinet and will be the judicial officer of the cabinet.  Duties include: Homecoming (elected position)


ASB Secretary

Is responsible for coordinated the student calendar & all ASB activities, major weekly events, for keeping an accurate account of cabinet meetings & taking care of the official student body correspondence.  Duties include: typed minutes to the bookkeeper at the end of each week, updating the activity calendar on display in the ASB Room on a daily basis. (appointed position)


ASB Treasurer

As the chairperson of the Finance Committee, keeps a record of all student receipts & expenditures, present requisitions to cabinet for approval & overseeing activity ticket sales.  Duties include: financial & calendar requests, checks display calendar to avoid conflicts, creates monthly calendar for display case in Administration Building, assists with pricing for activities, counting of all money from fundraising. (appointed position)

Alejandra Santiago

Board of Ed Rep

Will meet with the Board Representatives from the other schools in our District to provide the Board of Education with information about student concerns & activities at WHS.  Presides over the Student Council & is liaison to the cabinet.  The office and the council will also be responsible for conducing all elections.  Duties include: district wide events,  (appointed position)

Cynthia Marin

Alumni Association Rep

(appointed position)

Ariana Garcia

Camila Romo

Kristine Holguin

Sabiya Esquivel

Elizabeth Recinos

Arwen Hinojosa

Kiana Carbajal

Ruby Fernandez

Emma Torres

Ashley Gonzales

Payton Gomez


Presides over the publicity committee & is responsible for coordinating publicity for campaigns, athletic events & other school functions, maintaining ASB paints & sign materials.  Duties include: all posters & fliers announcing information. (appointed position)

AJ  Vazquez
Alejandra Santiago
Matthew Garcia
Laila Evans

Special Activities


Will plan & coordinate assemblies with other student groups, & will communicate with the school newspaper & the general public through the Assistant Principal of Business & Activities.  Duties include: all aspects of the assemblies (including seating of students) & the Talent Show.  (appointed position)

Yamilth Rios
Isabella Hernandez
Alice Rodriguez
Valeria Sandana
Alizson Trujillo
Isabella Patlan
Ellyse Gonzalez
Tatiana Rodriguez


Special Activities



Julyana Jimenez
Kiara Barillas
Kaitlyn Dominguez

Special Activities



Jose Rodriguez
Soleil Cardeneas
Tytan Willard
Kaili Reyes
Alani Morales
Lia Cornejo

Athletic Commissioner

Keep track of all athletic teams records.  Updates and posts scores and league standings in display cases.  Highlight in-season teams, make posters to support in-season teams.  Organize athletic team recognition, as well as captain recognition at assemblies (skit, performance, dance). (appointed position)





Band Rep

Will represent the viewpoint of the members of their organization & needs of its members.  Duties include: organization of pep rallies & lunchtime activities, keeping track of spirit points & posting the results, spirit weeks, all band activities, Jamboree, sound & music for all activities.(appointed position)


Cardinal Communications Commissioner

Is responsible for all communications within the school & with faculty.  Duties include: updating the marquee, completing work orders for all ASB activities, updating the website, & all other communications deemed necessary.  (appointed position)


Choreographer/Cardinal Dance Co Rep

Would be in charge of choreographing all performances for each assembly or any special event.  Must have previous dance experience and will be asked to choreograph a small dance during individual interview.  (appointed position)


Club Rep

Club Rush (Fall) and Club Carnival (Spring).  In charge of communicating with and supporting all clubs on campus.(appointed position) 



Would be responsible for all music needs for all activities.  They would mix and cut music for assemblies, lunchtime activities, and any other function that ASB deems necessary.  (appointed position)



Assemblies sound and music, assists with pep rallies, assists with all skits for assemblies. (appointed position)


Historian/Yearbook Rep

Slide shows, takes photos at all events, ASB page in yearbook, memory book.(appointed position)


Pep Rep

Pep rallies, spirit weeks, all pepster activities, Jamboree, sound and music for all activities (Must be a current member of WHS Pepsters or Pep Squad.  (appointed position) 


Senators/LINK Crew Rep

Will represent the viewpoint of the members of their organization and needs of its members.  Will act as a liaison with Senators and ASB.  Duties include:  Senator activities, helping update display cases, and Senator representation at all school events. (appointed position)


New Horizons Rep

Will represent the viewpoint of the members of their organization and needs of its members.


Spirit Chair

(appointed position)

Sydney Pickle
Parris Grandy
Johnny Krikorian
Patricia Guerrero
Leila Guzman
Lorenzo Parra
Cynthia Marin


(appointed position)

Amanda Mata

Audrey Jimenez

Miana Lopez Del Haro

Sarah Tafolla

Chris Perez

Hannah Ramirez

Johnathan Saca

Cage Commissioner

(appointed position)


Puente Rep

(appointed position)


Staff Recognition Coordinator

(appointed position)


Marquee Rep

(appointed position)


Display Cases

(appointed position)



(appointed position)


Cardinal Computer Academy Rep

(appointed position)


Kindness Commissioner

(appointed position)


Cardinals with Class Rep

(appointed position)


Social Media Rep


Cardinal News


Red Cross

  Student Recognition  

Drama/CDC Rep



Class President

Each Class President will be elected in a separate election by their class members.  Class Presidents will preside over their respective Class Councils.  Class Presidents will organize their Class Councils, conduct meetings, plan class activities, plan fundraising projects, and represent their class on ASB Cabinet.  Class Presidents will perform duties related to their Class Councils and ASB Cabinet activities as directed by their Class Advisor and the ASB Advisor. (elected position)

Freshman Class President

Duties include: fundraising for freshman class, homecoming activities, as well as updating the display cases. (elected position)

Sophomore Class President

Duties include:  fundraising for sophomore class, booking the prom venue for the next school year's prom, homecoming activities, as well as updating the display cases. (elected position)

Junior Class President

Duties include:  fundraising for junior class, homecoming activities, Welcome Back Dance (intended as a fundraising opportunity for Prom), and the Prom. (elected position)

Senior Class President

Duties include:  fundraising for the senior class, homecoming activities, senior activities, which include Senior Luau, Baccalaureate, Graduation, Senior Breakfast, Senior BBQ, and Senior Gift. (elected position)

Class Vice President

The Class Vice President will assume the duties of the Class President when the President is not available.  The Vice President serves as the Sergeant-at-Arms at all Class Council meetings.  The Vice President serves as the chair of major committees as appointed by the President or Class Advisor.  The Vice President will perform duties related to Class Council activities as directed by the Advisor.

Class Secretary

The Class Secretary is responsible for taking accurate minutes at each Class Council meeting and at any other special meetings as needed.  The Secretary will perform duties related to Class Council activities as directed by the President of Class Advisor.

Class Treasurer

The Class Treasurer maintains financial records for the Class Council.  The Treasurer is the chairperson for all Class Council fundraisers.  The Treasurer will perform duties related to Class Council activities as directed by the President or Class Advisor.

Class Council Members at Large

Both elected and appointed Members at Large will perform duties related to Class Council activities as directed by the President or Class Advisor.  Both elected and appointed Members at Large are voting members of the Class Council.  Members at Large may be removed from the Class Council for no attendance at meetings and Class Council activities as prescribed by the Class Constitution.


Senior Class - Advisor - MRS. MONICA HAERENS X2261

2021 President- FABIAN MARES

2021 VP-TBD

2021 Treasurer-TBD

2021 Secretary-TBD

2021 Class Council- TBD


Junior Class - Advisor - MRS. ROBIN HERNANDEZ X2127

2022 President- CAROLINA TARANGO

2022 VP-TBD

2022 Treasurer-TBD

2022 Secretary-TBD

2022 Class Council-TBD


Sophomore Class - Advisor - MS. TRACY BENOIT X2179

2023 President-  JAYLEEN VENEGAS

2023 VP-TBD

2023 Treasurer-TBD

2023 Secretary-TBD

2023 Class Council-

2023 Class Council-


Freshman Class - Advisor - OPEN

2024 President - ALIYAH RODRIGUEZ

2024 VP - TBD

2024 Treasurer-TBD

2024 Secretary-TBD

2024 Class Council-

2024 Class Council-

2024 Class Council-