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Whittier High School

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Campus Use Forms

Campus Use Forms:

Are you planning an event, wishing to use our facilities, or requesting an event setup?  Below are the links to get you started!


Bulletin Request Form:  coming soon....

Please complete this form for all bulletin announcement requests. Requests must be 250 characters or less. 


Civic Permit Facility Use Request form:  

This form is the first step in requesting to use our facilities (gyms, stadium, pool, etc...) and is required for all off-campus/outside groups.  As a part of this form, users will be required to submit valid insurance documentation.


Calendar Request Form:  (Coming Soon......)

This form is required by all groups requesting to use facilities on our campus.  This is a request that will ultimately be placed on the calendar to advertise your event.  


Assist Work Order:

If you need assistance of any kind for your event (setup, breakdown, sound, breakdown, etc...) then you need to complete this form.  This is the primary means for our custodial/support staff to be made aware of what you are requesting as a setup.  Please be specific and include a picture/drawing of the setup if possible