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Request Forms

WHS Forms:

Are you planning an event, wishing to use our facilities, starting a club, or requesting an event setup?  Below are the links to get you started! (Click On the Title)



Civic Permit Facility Use Request form:

This form is the first step in requesting to use our facilities (library, gym, stadium, pool, etc...) and is required for all off-campus/outside groups.  As a part of this form, users will be required to submit valid insurance documentation.


Fundraising Request Form:

This form is required by all groups for any fundraising events, to use our facilities on campus.  This is a request that will ultimately be placed on the calendar to advertise your event and secure your dates and location.


Assist Work Order:

If you need assistance of any kind for your event (setup, breakdown, sound, breakdown, etc...) then you need to complete this form.  This is the primary means for our custodial/support staff to be made aware of what you are requesting as a setup.  Please be specific and include a picture/drawing of the setup if possible
We have several clubs for you to chose from but if you would like to start a new club, we encourage you to do so and we would love to hear all about it! Please fill out form completely and ensure to upload any needed documentation. Your club must be approved before the club can begin meeting or conducting formal business.