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Career Resources

Road Trip Nation

Explore different career experiences and advice around areas of interests and themes.  Choose, watch and link to an interview to reveal videos for review.

Human Metrics 

Human metrics is a 72 question survey which indicates your personality style “today!”

Keirsey Temperament Sorter  

Keirsey is based on your personality type from the human metrics survey. There are four different personality styles such as the Guardian, Idealist, Rational, and Artisan with introvert and extrovert leanings.  Use the information to see if it matches how you see yourself and to see what famous people are like you!  This site will also tell some careers where your personality style has been most successful and give you tips on how to handle stress based on your personality style!

Career Zone  (Three areas)

Personality assessment will find out if you are a realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, or conventional career type and then the results will take you to possible careers of interest—do not forget the Reality Check and Job Families.  Reality Check will take you through your values and what type of career will help you support the life style you desire.

Career Key

Choose:  Career Options, Career Development, Education Options, Professional Resources.  You will once again see the categories from the Career Zone:  realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional.  As you review careers in each area you will generate a list in each category of possible career choices.  From that list you will be linked to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook listed below. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics--Job Occupational Handbook

Bureau of Labor Statistics—Job Occupational Handbook--This site may be accessed independently or through the links generated from your Career Key experience (site above).  The Job Occupational Handbook is the official government website which details careers, the education needed to pursue those careers, the pay scale from beginning to average and then to highest pay recorded for that position.  This site will also tell the projected increase or decrease of openings for that position in the future.

CSU Mentor

CSU Mentor for College Planning and CSU and Community College links through ASSIST.  All juniors and seniors are very familiar with this site.  Use this site to discover which community colleges have the best match to the Cal State your would like to attend based on your career interest!

Who Do You Want to Be --This is a condensed opportunity to make a quick discovery of career possibilities and links students right back to Road Trip Nation for video reviews!