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Whittier High School

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Alice 2.2 An educational software that teaches programming in a 3D environment.
Certiport Use this website to access your custom international transcript and chart your progress towards certification.
Free Rice Build your vocabulary skills for the CHSEE, PSAT, SAT's and CST's! Chart your progress and watch your skills grow!
Intel Journey Inside the Computer Learn about the inner workings of a computer and about binary numbers!
Learn Key Learn It Online! CS4: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash Use your custom login to access learning 24/7!
Microsoft Office Shelly Cashman Website Office 2007 Access this site after each chapter to test your technical knowledge in preparation for certification.
NEFE High School Financial Planning Program Access this website to test your knowledge in the skill-based games about financial literacy!
Virtual Team Challenge: SPILL! Online teamwork to solve an oil spill environmental problem. Use your custom online login 24/7!