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Whittier High School


AVID Staff

AVID Senior Teacher
Oscar Martin
562-698-8121 ext. 2107 
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Mr. Martin attended California State University, Long Beach where he earned his Bachelors degree in Physics. He then attended the University of California, Los Angeles where he earned a Masters in Secondary Education as well as a teaching credential.
Mr. Martin is starting his 5th year at Whittier High School as a Physics teacher, and will be his first year as part of the AVID team.
AVID FreshmenTeacher
Gabriel Lespron
562-698-8121 ext. 2103
Gabriel Lespron is teaching AVID for the first time.  He graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.A. in English and received his single subject credential from Fullerton as well. 
In high school, Gabriel joined a program called Upward Bound (similar to our AVID program) and contributes the many successes in his life to joining a program that instilled a belief in himself and that it doesn't matter how much you know but how hard you are willing to work. He loves trying out new food places and watching movies with his wife, Emma, and two year old son, Jonathan.  He has been teaching at Whittier High School for four years and plans on teaching here for his entire teaching career. 
AVID Co-Coordinator
AVID Sophomore Teacher
Michael Robinson
562-698-8121 ext. 2237 
Mr. Robinson earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Health and Masters of Arts in Education from Azusa Pacific University.
Michael Robinson has been teaching for 15 years, and has been teaching AVID for more than 4 years at Whittier High School. Mr. Robinson also teaches Biology and is the Course Lead for that subject. In his spare time, Mr. Robinson likes to spend time with his family and stay physically active.
AVID Co-Coordinator
AVID Junior Teacher 
Norma Sandoval
562-698-8121 ext. 2205
Ms. Sandoval earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Mathematics from Cal State University, Los Angeles and a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics from Cal State University, Dominguez Hills.
Ms. Sandoval has been teaching for 16 years. She especially loves the AVID program since it allows her to help first-generation students not only go to college, but be prepared for it. In her spare time, Ms. Sandoval enjoys spending time with her family and staying active. She has a black belt in martial arts and also played basketball in college.
AVID Senior Teacher
Christy King 
562-698-8121 ext. 2082
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AVID Counselor
Joseph Delgadillo 
562-698-8121 ext. 2035
Mr. Delgadillo earned a Bachelors Degree from U.S.C. and a Masters of Arts Degree from Azusa Pacific University.

Mr. Delgadillo has been working as a counselor for 5 years now. He grew up in Monterey Park and enjoys reading, running, spending time with his family, and church. He loves his job and pursued a career in education because he wanted to help students get into college and achieve their dreams. His advice for students is "The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high & falling short; but in setting our aim to low, & achieving our mark." Michelangelo 
Horizon's Director
Diana Salazar
562-698-8121 ext. 2060

Ms. Salazar earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from California State University, Fullerton and a Masters of Arts from California State University, Los Angeles.

Ms. Salazar has been Whittier High School's Horizons Director for the past 5 years. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, family time, reading, going to the beach, Pepe time, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. If Ms. Salazar could possess one superhuman power, it would be the ability to fly. Ms. Salazar loves working with students and helping them shape and achieve their dreams. She believes that all first-generation students should have their opportunity to attend a four-year university, which is why she believes in the AVID program. Her advice to our students is, "Be active in school, soak in all the knowledge, and take advantage of all of the support available to you."

AVID Tutors
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The AVID tutors are college students who support our AVID student population by providing a safe and positive learning environment. They attend a variety of colleges, including La Verne, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State Los Angeles, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach and many more. Many are also alumni of the Whittier Union High School District and were AVID students in the past.
They conduct weekly tutorials with the students and provide further insight on their academics and share their college advice. They also grade student planners, Cornell notes, and binders so that students develop their skills to be prepared for college. Tutors also form strong bonds with the students, and help serve as the bridge between them and their AVID teachers, motivating them along the way.
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