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Whittier High School

Upcoming Events

AVID Saturday Schools
Come in to work with one of the AVID teachers and our AVID tutors to receive additional help with your coursework, to resubmit Notes and Binder/Planner Checks, or to complete missing TRFs. If you feel you don't need support and feel confident in offering support, come in to tutor your peers for service hours! The remaining dates for this year are listed below.
  • October 19th w/ Mrs. Sanchez in P4
  • November 16th w/ Mr. Robinson in B210
  • December 14th w/ Mrs. Sanchez in P4
  • January 18th w/ Mr. Martin in B117
  • February 8th w/ Mr. Lespron in P4
  • March 14th w/ Ms. King in W1
  • April 18th w/ Ms. King in W1
  • May 16th w/ Mr. Lespron in H114